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The Importance of Deleting Old Stuff

Bruce Schneier on lessons learned from the Sony Attack:

Everything is now digital, and storage is cheap—why not save it all?

Sony illustrates the reason why not. The hackers published old e-mails from company executives that caused enormous public embarrassment to the company. They published old e-mails by employees that caused less-newsworthy personal embarrassment to those employees, and these messages are resulting in class-action lawsuits against the company. They published old documents. They published everything they got their hands on.

Saving data, especially e-mail and informal chats, is a liability.

The vast amount of data we generate daily can turn against us anytime in the future.

Learn Rhino and Grasshopper in Málaga

In the next months—of February and March—PercepciónDigital will be teaching NURBS modeling with Rhino and algorithmic design with Grasshopper in Málaga, at the Metropolitan Design Lab.

The course is thought for designers who want to learn how to implement advanced 3D-modeling techniques and algorithmic design in their design projects—skills that I believe contribute adding freedom to any computer-driven design process.

Also, it is a good opportunity to get introduced to the world of parametric design.

Check out the Full Course Information

Seth Godin on when to Decide

Important decisions carry risk and can unnerve and distract us.

One instinct is to delay, merely because doing something risky and distracting later is better than doing it now. That's the wrong strategy.

You should decide the moment that new information relevant to the decision is more expensive to obtain than the cost, the inaction and the anxiety of waiting.


Make high leverage decisions early, and profit from your ability to take advantage of commitments when others are still in limbo.

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A Year of Writing

2014 has been a really good year. Some of my posts may have been better than others, but I have accomplished my personal aim: practice my writing and publish often.

Today, I wanted to Thank You, because you are the most important reader of this blog, and the one that makes its existence have any sense.

Statistics of 2014

Here is a highlight of the most clicked articles of the year:

I hope 2015 will be even better. Happy New Year! And thanks again!

What Colour is It?

A simple concept that provides a different way to look at the time of the day.

Check out the live site at What Colour Is It.

And this is all its JavaScript code:

function dotime() {

$("body").css({"transition": "all 0.8s", "-webkit-transition": "all 0.8s"});

var d = new Date();
var hours = d.getHours();
var mins = d.getMinutes();
var secs = d.getSeconds();

if (hours < 10){hours = "0" + hours};
if (mins < 10){mins = "0" + mins};
if (secs < 10){secs = "0" + secs};


var hex = "#" + hours + mins + secs;

$("#t").html(hours +" : "+ mins +" : "+ secs);
$("#h").html(hex); = hex;

setTimeout(function(){ dotime();}, 1000);

(via @daninatoli)