Tweets That Did Not Happen
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Tweets That Did Not Happen is a series of tweets that, as the title says, did not happen when they came to my mind. As I was doing my architecture final project at the time, all those tweets and thoughts were stored in a text file. Here they are:


Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines. More Deadlines.


Nice, just got a payment from TheNounProject.


Imagine all your Google searches were associated with your Facebook account? Well, thats Google+.


Spotify, Dropbox, iTunes, Medium. Services that get around to beautifully display typefaces in Windows.

Love finding out that a band you like has tons of albums.

We belong to the Copy-Paste era. Like it or not, it is like that. So accept its downsides and embrace its advantages.


Finally, new iTunes Connect app for iOS.


Wow, just discovered 'The Method'.

July 8, 2014