First Live Stream

Yesterday, I made a first live stream to test the waters while editing Kean Walmsley's episode of the Getting Simple podcast, what will be May 2020's monthly episode.

I was using OBS on a MacBook Pro to stream, via Ethernet, my webcam video and a 4K display at 2560x1440 at thirty frames per second at 9000 kbps, recording locally at the same resolution and fps at 25000 kbps, and then using Adobe Audition to edit an individual audio file.

While YouTube considered my stream was "healthy," the problem was, I believe, that I was streaming using Apple's Hardware Encoder (which releases a lot of CPU while streaming). This was slowing down every single effect I applied in Audition, making my share-out counterproductive, as all I was trying to do was trying my live streaming setup while editing the podcast.

Long story short, I won't probably be editing the podcast live anymore, at least not with this setup. I might be able to pipe my MacBook Pro's screen through an Elgato HD60S+ video capture device to then stream from a different machine, so the machine that's running Adobe Audition is not the same than the machine that's streaming.

That might complicate the setup but might allow for this sort of streaming. For other coding tutorials, a single machine should work fine.

If that's your thing, tune in on YouTube (@nonomartinezalonso) to know when I go live next (and make sure to turn on all channel notifications to be notified).