Morning habits to start the day and daily blogging

JANUARY 13, 2022

Today, I woke up early and did my usual morning routine—meditate, write, sketch, and Readwise. I don't have a super clear schedule to do these, other than remembering every day not to not do it1. But I'm trying to stick with a more rigid model. Otherwise, these endeavors stay in the back of my mind as to-dos for the rest of the day. I oblige myself to do them as I'm already experiencing the benefits of this discipline, of this identity. It feels great to be done with it by 9 AM.

I often recommend others to blog in public, daily if possible. I'm not quite there yet. Probably, because I want the perfectionism of publishing well-crafted ideas that stick and postpone drafts for later in case I have time to put more time on them, or simply because I don't want to spend too much time writing every single day. I've repeatedly discussed the friction of publishing posts in English and Spanish, accompanied by an illustration2. I applaud the daily blogging habit of people like Seth Godin or Ken Perlin; it's a lifestyle and a statement. Like shouting from afar, I'm a blogger. I'm a writer.

I know I didn't talk about my current routine. But you can learn about it by listening to my Atomic Habits podcast episode and reading 600 Days of Practice, a short essay on deliberate practice and my routine.

  1. "It takes a certain amount of dedication to blog every day. The key is to remember every day not to not blog." The luxury of daily blogging by Ken Perlin. Tuesday, Jan 11, 2022. 

  2. There's freedom in typing and hitting publish instead of having to write, translate, pick an illustration or drawing, edit, upload, and then publish. What's reduced along the way? Creative friction.