Hi there! Here's a work-in-progress index of my projects.


People — random illustrations of people
Croquetilla — fun little illustrations
Doodles — random scribbles here and there — sketches & stories ⭑

Getting Simple


Code & Design

Suggestive Drawing — Drawing among human & artificial intelligences. ⭑
Forces Desktop — A simple introduction to structural behavior.
Material Gradients — A custom G-Code generator
Folio — A web system to publish your content with custom templates
Drawing with Robots — Interactive robotic drawing installation
Getting Architecture Done — Efficient workflows for architecture
Viewtee — Augmented reality tee shirts
Axonometric — Isometric views for iOS
Everfocus — Pomodoro timer for iOS
Open Walk — A plug-and-play, open-source robot that walks
Anatomy of a Joint
Dynamo Node Models Essentials
A Landscape of Memories


Mapnetico — a world map
Wiggly — a shaky drawing app


Suggestive Drawing, 2017
Efficient Methods for Architectural Graphics, 2015


Intuitive interfaces, Harvard GSD, Cambridge, Oct 2019 ⭑
Machine intelligence for designers, IE School, Madrid, Oct 2019
Machine learning for designers, Berlin, Sep 2019
Artificial intelligence applied to BIM, Apr 2019
Mind Ex Machina, SmartGeometry, Toronto, May 2018