A Place for My Sketches

FEBRUARY 7, 2018

A Place For My Sketches

I've been drawing since I was young. Ever since I remember, I enjoyed spending hours putting things on paper, but it wasn't until architecture school that I started sketching spaces on site. For some architecture classes, we would be given an assignment: Go to specific areas of the city to sketch certain buildings and public spaces and bridges, and—most importantly—draw them on location. The point wasn't to go to the site and take pictures and then draw at home but sketching right there. For me and some of my friends, it was a fun weekend activity to start Saturday walking around the streets from early morning.

Today, I still enjoy wondering around with my sketchbook—at times with my mom, and some other times with friends. Thanks to UrbanSketchers, I continued drawing while I was in Spain, Sydney, or London, and continue to do today, here in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

What I want to share with you today is a recently-started project: A project to document and share my sketches online, and to produce high-quality prints out of the ones I like the most. You can take a look on Instagram and on the website.