Be Ready to Go

MAY 4, 2015

If you think about it, you probably don't really need as much stuff as you own [or as much storage as you are currently using] to have a remarkable life. Living with less — just with the things we really need — is the only way we can pretend to be some kind of nomads.

The ways of living of our society lead more and more people to have nomadic lives everyday. For these people, who don't have a choice to acquire their own properties, this fact can surely be seen as an advantage.

Being ready to go anytime is, in some cases, a dream scenario — well, at least for a big group of people. Prepared to move from one place to another — not because something bad happened, but because you have built a framework which provides you the freedom needed to do so.

Being able to move with everything you need for a remarkable life would be awesome.

For that, a careful selection of what you own is needed.

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