NOVEMBER 7, 2013

What Is Everfocus?

Everfocus is an iOS app that helps you focus to get done what really matters. It allows you to establish a focus time block and deliberate breaks in between.

Everfocus started as a side project. A tool that I needed for myself and decided to develop. Making it available to a broader audience seemed an obvious step to take. The commitment to have a product ready to ship for the public made me finish it sooner than I expected. And it forced me to polish it before delivering to App Store. Still, I remain its first customer.

Why Do I Use It?

Finding time to focus and avoiding procrastination is difficult. Our brain needs to procrastinate (or to procrastiwork in the best case scenario) to be able to get stuff done.

This tool sets a focus time. A time to get rid of every possible distraction. After this time, there is a break time. A time to rest or to do secondary tasks, which may not be related with the task of main focus ( a typical approach is to write down in the focus time all the small distracting things you want to do, so you can do them in your next break.)

From study, to work, to exercise. I use this method with different time intervals in order to reduce interruptions and distractions, and to push the scarcity effect. For example, I would use 50-minute focus blocks with 5- to 10-minute break blocks in between to study, or to do architecture-related work. Common uses for Everfocus are the Pomodoro Technique® or the 18-Minute Plan For Managing Your Day.

What's next?

Everfocus for iOS launched the 27th of October. Currently, its price is reduced to half of the original price. And it is available on the App Store.

Everfocus 1.1

An upcoming version, which should be reviewed next Sunday, will include:

  • Alerts when your Focus time or Break time finish (when the app is on the background.)
  • User interface enhancements.
  • Parse SDK integration.
  • Splash screen.

Future versions

I have already been working on some of the future versions' features, which may include:

  • Tweet when you finish a focus session.
  • Gradient background colors.
  • Draggable ball to manually adjust the position of the timer.
  • Integration with Toggl (this is a feature that I would love, so probably it will happen.)

Give it a try. If you like it, spread the word. And tell me!

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