Friday Link Pack

MAY 17, 2013

A weekly pack of content I found over the week. Different links that can be interesting for you.

  • What Most Schools Don’t Teach. That's the title of the article's cover video. Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Drew Houston (Dropbox) -amongst others- emphasize the importance of coding in the modern world.

  • Jason Fried's TED Talk about why work doesn’t happen at work. What things from your work environment influence your productivity in a bad way.

  • Interactive Architecture —a book by Michael Fox and Miles Kemp. It shows built examples of dynamic and interactive architectural spaces. Spaces that "reconfigure themselves in response to human stimuli."

  • If you are thinking on starting App Development for iOS or Mac, or are already doing it, here you have 13 Things You Must Know When Starting Out.

  • Adobe Napoleon and Mighty Project show a new direction for technical drawing, integration with iOS in iPad and iPhone, copying drawing assets from device to device over the air. Seems like Minority Report is coming.

  • An outstanding Graduate Architecture Design Portfolio of Derek Pirozzi. A former student from the University of South Florida who was awarded on the eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition for his Polar Umbrella.

  • Concurso de Ideas: La vivienda del futuro. International contest of architectural ideas for the dwelling unit of the future —organized by Fundación Eduardo Torroja.

Link Pack