OCTOBER 11, 2018

Autodesk AEC Generative Design Day in Barcelona. Kean Walmsley, Nono Martinez Alonso, Raquel Bascones Recio, & Safi Hage

Last week, I had a really good time at Generative Design Day, in Barcelona. I recently relocated from the US to Spain. This was a great opportunity to meet some Autodesk colleagues in person (among which were Raquel Bascones Recio, Kean Walmsley, Jacob Small, Paolo Serra, Safi Hage, and Reginald de Visscher); to talk about the next-generation AEC tools I'm working on at the Autodesk Generative Design team; and to meet some of our European customers.

You can head over to Kean Walmsley's blog to read more about the event — these are my highlights from his post:

[Autodesk] had invited our larger customers from all over Europe to come and hear about the use of generative design technologies in the AEC space, both present and future.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Living, they’re an architectural practice that Autodesk acquired back in 2014. [...] Over the last few years The Living has done pioneering work applying generative design in the AEC space. They’re the ones responsible for the generative design of the A320 Bionic Partition (admittedly more of an engineering project), the generative space planning of Autodesk Toronto’s new office in the MaRS district based on employee data, and the generative layout of the AU 2017 Exhibit Hall to maximize buzz and access. Oh, and the generative urban planning tool that Van Wijnen are now using, of course.


Raquel Báscones Recio was our master of ceremonies, introducing the subject of the event and its various speakers. She also put in a great deal of work to make the event happen, in the first place. Jacob Small is a legend on the Dynamo forum. He works in our support team in Boston and gave a presentation on Dynamo.


People seemed to respond well to the vision for generative design, and I had some really good discussions with a few attendees who were particularly motivated by the position my team is taking on this: there’s a huge opportunity to create designs based on data.

Next week: ACADIA 2018, Mexico City.

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