Hipster Ipsum

FEBRUARY 26, 2014

Hipster Ipsum

Today, I want to show this thing called Hipster Ipsum. It is a hipster version of the widely known Lorem Ipsum, which serves as a placeholder text generator.

The following paragraphs have been generated with Hipster Ipsum, do not try to understand it.

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Disrupt Echo Park vegan roof party. Semiotics Marfa Blue Bottle, small batch pork belly chia fixie Helvetica.

Next level lomo you probably haven't heard of them, narwhal McSweeney's hoodie Neutra sustainable Odd Future fashion axe cliche ethnic drinking vinegar chambray. Art party kitsch yr ethnic, pop-up High Life beard Terry Richardson jean shorts 3 wolf moon Wes Anderson tattooed blog.

Blog post-ironic Pitchfork, Odd Future kale chips 3 wolf moon drinking vinegar Shoreditch cliche bicycle rights church-key irony gastropub authentic synth. Trust fund Bushwick fixie Schlitz fap dreamcatcher. Austin small batch swag pug kogi. Pop-up lo-fi cliche keffiyeh, fap blog Etsy ethnic.

Hipster is the new Alternative.

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