Podcasts Not Music

MARCH 23, 2014

Podcasts Not Music

Music is great. I love music. Music helps to unplug from everything else, setting us up in a good mood. At the same time, it lets us focus totally in something we need to do, ignoring what is around us. Music plays as the soundtrack of our lives.

On the other side, are podcasts. They have their own content, which usually needs a bit of attention. In moments when the activity we have to perform does not involve a lot of thinking or concentration, podcasts are the way to expand your frontiers, acquire knowledge or just be entertained.

Language courses, coding classes, news, technology courses, traveling guides, anything. In the iTunes Store there is an incredible amount of podcasts offered, for free. Audible books or iTunes University work as well.

I am recommending you to consume Podcasts. I do while I run, while I walk from one place to another, or when I travel. I am tired of the same music over and over.

Personally, I have listened to numerous podcasts –from mobile coding, to news, web design or marketing– and they have been pretty useful. In fact, I still do every week.

Podcasts give us a chance to better use the time in which we can’t be productive. Imagine you are on the street and you have to walk for thirty minutes. Surely, you can’t read a book and walk at the same time, but you can listen to an audiobook or a 20-minute podcast. It is a way to take advantage of your time.

The hard part is, probably, finding something that makes you itch in the vast amount of podcasts that exist, but you should try. Improve your English, learn stuff or listen to whatever calls your attention. Leave music for later.

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