Posting Better

FEBRUARY 2, 2015

Posting Better

Last week, I migrated all of my articles to a new blogging system I made for myself—in which you are reading this article now. It probably looks the same to your eyes than the previous one did, but there are series of reasons why I re-made it from scratch.

Firstly, the new system is built on top of a robust framework called Laravel. It is abstracted using the MVC model in clear modules, which allows me to use it also in Viewtee and GAD’s respective blogs.

Second, I have coded a special feature in order to publish and schedule future posts in advance. This will make my posting more regular, easier to plan, and will show what can be expected to be seen on the blog in the coming weeks.

And also, I am able to implement new features to the system little by little thanks to the structure (create different templates, localize the site, add new sections, and reuse them in other sites).

The mailing list can be joined here, and will announce via email of my new articles and products releases. Thanks for reading!