MAY 13, 2013

As many of you may already know, Readability is a service that allows you to bookmark articles with your account to Read Later, storing all your saved links on the cloud.

It provides a minimal reading environment with a cleaner version of the articles you save. Removing ads, menus and other extra items from the article's page, it lets you focus on what really matters, the content. Text, images and videos.

The website allows you to customize the reading page, with similar options to the ones offered by the iBooks app of iOS. Color theme (black over white, white over black), typeface, font size and column width can be adjusted.

Readability web view

If you look into the App Store, you will find iPhone and iPad-customized apps for Readability, a key feature that extends the functionality of the service. Same thing in the Google Play store for Android. This apps will not only permit you to read articles online, you will be able to synchronize articles in your devices for offline reading, download them in ePub format, send them to your Kindle device or print them.

I am using it really often lately. When I go through RSS feeds, newspaper websites or other blogs, it allows me to quickly add articles I want to read to my Read Later list and get back to them some other time.

Readability iOS apps

Later on—in your spare time, in situations in which you can't do anything productive, or in a designated time you schedule for reading—you can read the articles that called your attention over the day or the week.

Readability can be accessed from the web, or by using its native apps for iOS or Android.

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