JULY 22, 2015

I had to share this video—titled **In Front of Helsinki—**as I think it is beautiful.

Created earlier this year by my friend Daniel Natoli in Helsinki, the footage is inspired by central perspective takes on Wes Anderson’s movies, and the philosophy behind the Derivasia project.

If you liked the song, it is A Clockwork Guitar, by Saito Koji.

NOVEMBER 4, 2014

Onwards With Life

After finishing my architecture degree last June, I moved to London to join Foster + Partners as an Architectural Assistant for a period of six months—thanks to Fundación Arquia's scholarship.

Currently, I continue making progress with my active side-projects. The main projects are the ones that follow.

Getting Architecture Done

A project to share Efficient Methods for Architecture, started after Getting Architecture Done was funded in early 2013.

I have been finishing up details of the first book of the Getting Architecture Done series, titled Efficient Methods For Architectural Graphics, and I am currently working on a brand new website for its launch.

The book will be first released as a paid electronic book [ePub] on the iBookStore, that will offer free updates as content revisions and additions are uploaded.

Future book titles include: Simple Scripting in Architecture, and Digital Fabrication Techniques for Architecture.

I really appreciate any kind of support. Just spreading the word to people who could be interested in the matter is very helpful for the project, they can subscribe here.


Last July, me and Manolo received a Spin-Off Accésit from University of Málaga for our project, Viewtee. This has pushed us forward, and we are now closer and closer to ship the product.

Viewtee is a new way to understand clothing. Each piece of cloth provides a unique experience to the user.

We have been working in designing and coding everything that gravitates around the brand and its product; Marketing website; Packaging; Shop; iOS & Android apps; Clothes.

To hear about the release of Viewtee, you can subscribe here to be notified via email or follow us on Twitter at @viewteestore.


Derivasia is a way to share stories of travelers around the world, in which I got involved earlier this year, together with a group [mainly] formed by architects.

The site and the magazine are already online—thanks to Dani Natoli and many others.

We are currently crowdfunding the project in order to kickstart the physical production of the magazine. Any help is welcomed, as it will help to maintain the Derivasia project alive. You can donate a bit and get some rewards for it.

What Else

Apart from small side-projects, I am also working on the artist portfolio and store of Lourdes Alonso Carrión (my mom), on the maintenance of the online laser-cutting service provided by CorteBox, and on my own portfolio.

Want to see older publications? Visit the archive.

Listen to Getting Simple .