MAY 10, 2023

No matter how small a piece of software is, it requires maintenance.

Except when it doesn't, which is true for certain programs without external dependencies and deprecated features.

The more code bases you rely on or develop, the more tiny efforts you'll have to put here and there to keep them running, especially if you want to keep the operating system up to date.

JULY 10, 2022

Is it true that speed doesn't really matter when you're writing? Because our time is limited, it seems like it does. I can write so much faster if I set myself to it and I'd be able to get through more of the thoughts in my mind into a digital file faster.1 I want to start having sessions in which I calculate how many words per minute I can type (WPM) and then be able to see if I can produce content quickly. This is simply an experiment. In the case of writing, where you expect people to pay attention to your words, it's much more important to write for quality and brevity instead of quantity. You don't want to hang your readers for too long if you don't have much to say. Still, writing fast may be a good resource for you to capture multiple thoughts quickly, then have review sessions where you refine what you've come up with.

  1. Hand-writing, in terms of speed, is out of the equation, at least for me. With the practice I have, hand-writing won't ever beat my computer typing speed. 

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