The Social Trap

MAY 20, 2015

When all you have to worry about is leisure, it is way too easy to get trapped in social media.

The moment you check your Instagram feed, you go to your Facebook timeline (which can be long). Then, you check your email, and look at the new tweets on Twitter. After this, everything is ready for you to repeat, and check all over again.

Networks update at such a fast pace we could be online — just checking out more and more stuff — the whole time.

The thing is, it does not really take that long to check, but it is comfortable and entertaining to be constantly checking.

I previously wrote about being a whole week without email, and what its effect was. Also, I tried methods to disconnect from networks — just to be focused and enjoy other things.

Up to a point, social networks are a waste of time — having a healthy relationship with them is important. What else could you invest your time in? Get out of the trap.

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