Use Window variables in Redux via Webpack

MAY 15, 2019

A while ago we had the need to grab the App window variable (exposed by CefSharp) and we were extending the Window interface to do that. There seems to be a better way to get variables that are define in the Window environment.

I learned this from this link An advanced guide on how to setup a React and PHP.

If you are defining a variable or object you want to read from React (like in CefSharp, o directly in the HTML like in the screenshot)

// inside of your app entry HTML file's header
var myApp = {
  user: "Name",
  logged: true

You can do a declare module 'myApp' in index.d.ts, then add the myApp variable as a external library in Webpack's config file

externals: {
  myApp: `myApp`,

Then you can import as if it was a module in TypeScript (or JavaScript files) with React

import myApp from 'myApp';

And you can even use TypeScript destructuring technique to get internal properties directly

const { user: { name, email}, logged } = myApp;

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