Thoughts on live streaming and podcasting

APRIL 3, 2022

Hi Friends,

As of late, I'm using my weekly live stream slot to learn more than to show things I already know.

I covered generative image-to-image networks this week, and previously took a look at sketch vectorization, sentiment analysis, Bézier curves, and more. I continue to add timestamps so you can browse these long-form streams easily.

I'm not editing videos myself anymore until I find help for this job, and that's why you're not seeing too many new videos being released on the channel other than podcast episodes and live streams. I want to focus on producing more content rather than editing and hope to find help soon to get back at releasing edited clips regularly.

As always, questions are more than welcome. And I highly value your Discord contributions, especially the pointers to new publications and relevant machine learning projects as well as feedback and comments on the topics I cover.

Thanks for being there. I look forward to seeing you on the next stream.

Much love,