New videos are coming back

OCTOBER 19, 2022

I took a break from the YouTube channel during my August 2022 vacation which slipped into September. I'm looking to relocate my recording studio elsewhere and won't be recording from my old studio as it isn't there anymore.

I recorded a remote podcast with Leire Asensio & David Mah in August which has already been released, and we recorded in-person conversations on camera with Zach Kron, Andy Payne, John Pierson, and Ian Keough which will be released over the next few months as podcast audio and YouTube videos.

I've started editing clips from former live streams that will drop on the YouTube channel on Mondays, with closed captions and a publication on my blog. The first ones, starting October 24, will be Load Vue JS and Lodash from CDNs, v-cloak: Hide Vue Until It's Ready, Sort List & Grid Views with Vue JS, and Flex Grids with HTML5 & CSS Flexbox.

I also want to begin sharing clips from the most recent podcast episodes (and working backward) as individual videos for discoverability and shareability.