Progress with PEmbroider

DECEMBER 23, 2022

Today, I spent a couple hours playing with the Alfa Duo, and I've been able to successfully embroider custom vector drawings.

Here are the steps of my current workflow, still in beta.

  • Create a design in Adobe Illustrator
  • Export to DXF
  • Import in Rhino 7
  • Use the imported design as input in Grasshopper 3D using the Pipeline component
  • Subdivide each curve with tolerance as a polyline
  • Bake the resulting polylines and export them to .ai for Illustrator
  • Open the design in Illustrator and save as SVG
  • Read the shapes from the SVG with Processing 4
  • Export the design as PES for embroidery
  • Send the PES to my iPhone via Airdrop
  • Load the design in My Patterns app to send the design to the Alfa Duo