Adobe's Project Shasta

SEPTEMBER 23, 2022

Today, I discovered Adobe is introducing Project Shasta, a web-based AI-powered audio recording and editing tool. You can request access now.

It seems their intention is not only to provide AI-based audio editing and recording but also to cover the ground of what Riverside already offers.

Remote recording - Recording with others is as easy as sharing a link. Everyone’s audio is recorded in high quality locally, then Project Shasta syncs it back together in the cloud automatically.

"Soon to come features" list things we can already find in Descript, such as filler word removal or speech enhancement. And features already available in the beta include microphone checking for optimal quality and microphone distance, AI-powered audio, remote recording with guests, and project templates.

I was waiting to see what Adobe's take on AI-based audio editing and recording was, and it seems it's here. At the moment the project is referred to as Shasta; I imagine these capabilities either format a new product offering or are integrated with existing tools like Audition, Premiere, or After Effects.

What do you think?