From Hacker News: Be Anonymous and Maximize Value, not Quantity

FEBRUARY 21, 2022

From time to time, I check the front page of Hacker News. I pick a few links to read and add the ones I enjoyed to my reading list.1 This week, I added Be Anonymous by Kash—which presents two possible extremes to navigate the web; being public about who you are and posting personal details on the web versus being untraceable and going to great lengths to hide your online identity—and Maximize Value, not Quantity by Tim Ottinger—which emphasizes the role of product owners shouldn't be to make their team's work faster but to focus on achieving quality work.

  1. As of Feb 21, 2022, the list contains 172 links added over the past three years. I read most of them and I keep this list as a personal archive. I also keep two other lists: Stars and Watched. I use the first list as GitHub starts for everything I find on the web, and the latter as a play history of things I've enjoyed, sometimes as a to-watch list.