Deploying a React app in DigitalOcean & AI Sketching

JANUARY 23, 2022

During Thursday's live stream, I deployed a work-in-progress React application to DigitalOcean. (It's online at and its source code is available on GitHub.) I showed how to add a subdomain with DigitalOcean and how to create an Nginx block. At the moment, the app is built with React, written in TypeScript, and uses the esbuild bundler and the create-serve, react-hotkeys-hook, and rko NPM packages.

Throughout the last six months, I've been working to build a collaborative AI sketching platform and experiment with machine learning models that have the potential to manipulate hand sketches and drawings, learnings that I'm releasing in a playlist dubbed Intelligence & Sketching—many more videos to come.

It's hard to juggle between web development, applied machine learning, and high-level machine intelligence concepts. But I'm trying.