Descript, social video, and waveforms

JANUARY 26, 2022

Today, Descript's1 CEO live streamed using More than two thousand people connected at the same time. This feels like a real thing, a real keynote.

They just released a new feature in the latest version of their AI-based audio and video editing tool. "Descript is the fast and easy way to make shareable clips." They offer this use-case as a way to repurpose your content into social media videos. And I love how they're listening to their users—I've been waiting for them to support sound waves for a while, and the feature is finally here and well-executed.

By dragging and dropping an image into an audio composition, it turns into an audio and video one. CMD+K to show up the conductor, and search for Waveform. I intend on playing around with the new features in the next weeks and sharing videos made with them. This is promising because on my end it means I may be able to skip using Adobe After Effects altogether, as all I was relying on it for my podcast videos was to generate waveforms.

  1. This is a referral link to join Descript, which doesn't interfere at all with the contents of this publication. I'm just another happy Descript user in the world.