Fermat: A multimedia space to build custom tools

APRIL 28, 2022

I recently spotted the (⨍) symbol in Gerard Serra's Twitter account1. In his bio, I saw it belongs to Fermat, "a multimedia space where you can build your own tools" released on November 11, 2021. The project is an initiative of Batou XYZ, "a design & engineering research company on a mission to rethink how people interact with tools, computers and ideas." The user experience of Fermat seems great from the recordings I've seen and the user interface is beautifully crafted. The potential applications are limitless. In the end, they are creating an operating system where people can script and create custom components.

Here are the steps of what (I assume) is a development roadmap. Is this the Notion of custom web apps?

  1. An infinite multimedia space to take notes, create moodboards and write documents.
  2. A toolbox of productivity utilities and templates.
  3. Technical early adopters can create and publish new productivity utilities and templates.
  4. Everyone is able to create utilities, apps & templates and share them. Non-technical users become computational authors.

The medium is the message. The language is the lens. The tool is the thought. —Pol Baladas (⨍)