First live stream of 2022 and my new digital timer

JANUARY 14, 2022

Yesterday, during Live 57, I recorded a recap video of the Collaborative AI Sketching project.

The first part is an overview of a React drawing app we built using Perfect-Freehand (see on GitHub), an incredible library open-sourced by Steve Ruiz on Github1. The second is a walk through a second React app (see on GitHub), which will be the base for the AI Sketching app, that includes esbuild (for bundling), create-serve (for serving and live reloading), rko (for state management), and react-hotkeys-hook (to add keystroke combinations). I focused on state management, the undo-redo stack, and hotkeys. But previous videos cover how to add esbuild and create-serve to a React app from scratch.

At the very end, I showcased my new analog timer and stopwatch, a fifteen-dollar purchase that's helping me track how long a stream or podcast recording has been going for, and deep work sessions, without having to use a phone or computer. (Here's an affiliate Amazon link to the exact item I bought.)

I'll continue building this online drawing app live during live streams. Sign up to this calendar to know when the next live stream will take place, and subscribe on YouTube.

Have a great day!

  1. Here's a live demo app of Perfect-Freehand working on the browser.