iA Writer 6 brings Wikilinks, hashtag autocomplete, highlights, and more

JUNE 17, 2022

iA Writer 6 brings Wikilinks, hashtag autocomplete, highlights, and more

iA Writer released version 6 yesterday on iOS and macOS with tons of new features, one of my favorites being hashtag autocomplete. I noticed they changed the shortcut to toggle the Library, which used to be ⌘E but is now ^⌘S.

The list of new features is available at Help › What's New in iA Writer.


iA Writer 6 Wikilinks.

A major feature in this release are [[wikilinks]] which create a hyperlink to another document in your wiki and even create new documents that don't exist when you create the link, making it really easy to create documents that reference each other.

If you were to type Take a look at the [[podcast-notes]], the podcast-notes string shows up in beautiful light blue (a glowy light blue in Dark Mode) as you type.

iA Writer 6 Wikilinks in dark mode.

The podcast-notes file wouldn't be created right away. You'd be able to access it with ⌘+Click while editing or with a simple click in Preview, yet the file won't be created until the file is saved, which is a great feature to avoid cluttering your folders with files and having to delete them manually.


Hashtags will now autocomplete with previous hashtags you've used before. For me, this is handy as I use iA Writer for expense tracking and tend to attach hashtags such as #food or #travel extremely often, making it a breeze to fill in with commonly-used tags.

Highlights and tasks

iA Writer 6 highlights and task settings.

You can now configure the appearance of completed tasks and select the highlight color you want to use throughout your documents; the default was always yellow, and now you can also select orange, pink, purple, blue, and green.

You can use double equals signs to highlight text (you can also use the <mark> HTML tags).

Highlighting text in iA Writer 6 with double equals signs.

There's a lot more, which you can learn about in Help › iA Writer Help and Help › What's New in iA Writer.