New playlist on Intelligence & Sketching and thoughts on producing tutorials live

JANUARY 19, 2022

I'm releasing a video series on Intelligence & Sketching in the form of a YouTube Playlist. Most videos are tutorials recorded during my live streams that have been edited to keep the interesting bits. At the moment, there are two hands-on tutorials available, one that explains how to build a pressure-sensitive vector drawing app with React and the so-called Perfect-Freehand library, and a second one on using the Virtual Sketching machine learning model to vectorize hand sketches with surprisingly high precision.

Tutorials could be shorter and more planned. But I don't have the time to put the extra work on every video, plus recording live provides the viewer with a realistic coding scenario that can be reproduced by following my steps, including bumps and successes. I see the value in summarizing, and that's why I edit and upload clips from most of the streams.

In the end, the habit of going live on Thursdays on YouTubemaybe on Twitch, soon—is a way to ensure I'll show up every week, learn something new, connect with the community, and generate new content.

What content format do you get the most out of?