Lists of links

FEBRUARY 27, 2022

A while ago, I created a template to display lists of links to capture links on my site for different purposes quickly. To name a few, I often add links to my Reading, Watched, Stars, and Referrals lists. The format is plain on purpose, and it shows the list name and description and a list of links with their respective title, source site, and time since publication.

As of Feb 24, 2022, the Reading list contains 175 links added over the past three years. I read most of them, and I keep this list as a personal archive. From time to time, I use this list to gather essays I want to read next, often sending them to my Kindle via Mercury Reader.

The Watched list gathers audio and video content I’ve listened to or watched that I’ve enjoyed or I want to watch. At the moment, it mainly features podcast episodes.

Stars is a list like GitHub stars, but for everything I find on the web. These are things that I capture that I’ve liked and I may play with in the future that isn’t necessarily media or reading content.

Lastly, Referrals is where I capture all my referral and affiliate links to have quick access to them when I want to share them or add them to a publication. I may earn affiliate commission from some of them, and others also provide credits or discounts to the guest. So far, the best-performing referral programs for me have been the reMarkable tablet (thanks to this one-minute video) and DigitalOcean, which I love and use everyday.

Having these chronologically sorted lists gives me peace of mind. I don't have to maintain a set of folders of browser bookmarks and I can capture things as I find them on the internet.