Live 84: Season 3 begins

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022

Hi, friends! We're back.

I introduced the start of Season 3 in Live 84.

In this new season, I'll continue to release Getting Simple podcast episodes and explore a wide range of technologies in the form of live streams and video tutorials.

Here's what I talked about yesterday.

  • The recording studio is gone
  • OBS Studio 28 brought support for Apple Silicon chips
  • New camera: ZV-E10
  • A new tool to record podcasts online, which imports into Descript
  • Stream Deck XL: Nice workflow for creating markers live
  • Videos uploaded during the break
  • What’s happened during the break: stable diffusion, DALL-E, Midjourney
  • Incoming podcast episode

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Thanks for watching.

See you next week!