Load Vue JS and Lodash from CDNs

OCTOBER 24, 2022

Load Vue JS and Lodash from CDNs.



So we're going to use Vue.

Which you can access a This is a progressive JavaScript framework, comparable to React if you know it, but a bit different, and we're also going to use lodash for their sort by algorithms.


The first thing I'm going to do is that I'm going to go to look for Vue and lodash and we're going to try to get their CDN URL so we can load them in our website directly.

So CND Vue . Yeah. cdnjs. So we go to cdnjs, we can get this library here and we can put it on the header of our application. We can click on here to copy the tag, and now we can paste it on our website.

So what we're going to go to We're going to go to, to get started. And we're going to grab this CDN version to put on our website.


So I'm going to paste this here and I'm going to go to CDN. . Look for lodash there. And I'm going to click here to copy the HTML tag, and I'm going to put it here. All right.

Verifying it worked

So now we should, if this works, we should be able to go to our side, reload, go to the console. And now we can print Vue which is a function. So it works. And we have many of the things that we can do here and lodash as a function. And that works.

So we actually were to comment this out, this wouldn't get loaded and we wouldn't be able to print either of them.


It was Nono Martinez Alonso here.

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Thanks a lot for watching and I'll see you next time.

I hope you learned something today.