Lobe AI is no longer under development

MARCH 13, 2024

I was sad to see a redirect from to Lobe's GitHub repository.

Thank you for the support of Lobe! The team has loved seeing what the community built with our application and appreciated your interest and feedback. We wanted to share with you that the Lobe desktop application is no longer under development.

The Lobe team open-sourced a lot of their tooling to use Lobe-trained models on the web, or with Python, .NET, and other platforms. Yet the Lobe app and website were never open-sourced, which means they will no longer be usable when they cease to work.

Before it's gone, you can access Lobe's site and download the latest app at

Lobe takes a new humane approach to machine learning by putting your images in the foreground and receding to the background, serving as the main bridge between your ideas and your machine learning model.

Lobe also simplifies the process of machine learning into three easy steps. Collect and label your images. Train and understand your results. Then play with your model and improve it.

I'd invite you to listen to my conversation with Adam Menges on the origins of Lobe.