OCTOBER 26, 2022

Q&A with Nono — How to Start a Podcast

Hi Friends—

I recently had a conversation with Steve — who wants to build a YouTube channel about the joy of making and listening to music, emphasizing health and well-being — where I shared tips on producing a podcast, building an audience, booking guests, content formats, motivation, goals, and other insights from five years of podcasting.

This episode may be helpful if you're thinking of starting a podcast or YouTube channel or if you want to learn about my podcasting workflow.

Steve’s questions (below) acted as a guide for our conversation.

  • How do you stay motivated to regularly produce your podcast?
  • What do you feel is the best way to approach people you would like to interview or connect with?
  • What methods have worked for you to attract, build, and sustain an audience?
  • Do you know anyone who might be willing to talk with me and guide me further on producing a successful YouTube channel or podcast, especially regarding the arts?
  • Are there any books, articles, or other materials that might help me on my journey? This one didn’t make it into the episode. But I recommended Atomic Habits by James Clear to establish a content creation and publication cadence.
  • Do you have any other advice that would be helpful to someone like me?

Remember that you can submit your questions at


Steve and Nono Martínez Alonso.


00:00 · Introduction
00:58 · Start
01:55 · Steve's idea
03:45 · Passion for music
04:37 · Podcasting
05:20 · Motivation
08:04 · Recording and editing
09:07 · Guests
11:40 · Building an audience
14:01 · Long-form conversations
15:34 · Process
17:33 · Goals
21:51 · Evergreen content
24:14 · Monetization
25:38 · Start lean
29:30 · Outline
31:59 · First episodes
33:17 · Outro

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