Readwise favorites on writing, automation, taste, and identity

JANUARY 31, 2022

Two days ago, I commented on how I highlight with Readwise. Today, I'm sharing a few highlights which are amongst my long list of favorites.

"Very few writers really know what they are doing until they’ve done it. " (Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird)

"It is a safe bet that the highest-earning professions in the year 2050 will depend on automations and machines that have not been invented yet." (Kevin Kelly, The Inevitable)

"read your work aloud into a tape recorder, as if you have been asked to give a reading at the local bookstore. Do that with the essays you have been writing. Then sit down, pour a cup of coffee, and listen to your words being presented to you. What resonates—and what doesn’t?" (Lee Gutkind, You Can't Make This Stuff Up)

"If the people you seek to serve like what you think they’re going to like, then you have good taste." (Seth Godin, The Practice)

"The more you repeat a behavior, the more you reinforce the identity associated with that behavior. In fact, the word identity was originally derived from the Latin words essentitas, which means being, and identidem, which means repeatedly. Your identity is literally your “repeated beingness.”" (James Clear, Atomic Habits)