Apple to Disable Text While Driving

JULY 13, 2015

Apple To Disable Text While Driving

Evgeny Morozov on The Guardian:

In April [2014], Apple patented technology that deploys sensors inside the smartphone to analyze if the car is moving and if the person using the phone is driving; if both conditions are met, it simply blocks the phone's texting feature.

Lisa Rapaport wrote on Reuters how filming teens when they are driving and using apps to block cell phone signals have been proved to reduce "high-risk driving events by 80 percent, compared to teens who didn't have cameras or cell phone signal blockers," while senior research scientist David Kidd says there isn't a lot of research yet that proves the effectiveness of cell phone blocking.

Technology has a role to play, but there is no single solution to the problem of distracted driving. — Ellie Pearson from Brake.

It is unclear up to what degree this measures contribute to less car crashes, but the fact that using the cell phone while driving is increasingly contributing to more accidents seems obvious.

Another interesting fact is that, even though a patent from Apple filed in 2008—later published in 2014—could prevent drivers from texting while driving, and only let them use their phones via voice control [Siri], the iPhone's operative system has restrictions for developers, who, unlike Android developers, haven't been able yet to implement any restrictions for drivers.