Designer Aaron James Draplin at CreativeMornings Portland

SEPTEMBER 29, 2013

Draplin is a designer born in Detroid, Michigan. He is the co-founder of Field Notes together with Jim Coudal.

Aaron James Draplin

The DDC 50 Point Plan To Ruin Yer Career

In his talk, Draplin shows the fifty-point plan of his company, DDC. Here are soome highlights:

  • Enjoy the moment (1)
  • Work with your friends (8)
  • Know your tools, and be thankful they exist (9). Think how difficult everything could be without them. 20 years ago.
  • Provide proof of bonifide graphic art existence (12). Show the stuff you have done.
  • Quit spending yer money on bullshit (16)
  • Dream up a plan (21)
  • Be the client (29). Do things by yourself.
  • Grab yer social media by the throat (36). Make every tweet and post count. Nobody wants to hear how milky your coffee is.
  • Don’t worry about awards (40)
  • Get free (44)
  • Know what you love (46)
  • Don’t forget about the things you hate (47)
  • Work hard and love this shit (49)
  • Be thankful for everything (50)

Image | The Great Discontent