Friday Link Pack


Link Pack is a pack of links to articles, videos, quotes, and resources I found over the internet, which I think you might enjoy. Today it begins with the official trailer of HUMAN, a movie by Yann Arthus-Bertrand selected at the Venice Film Festival in 2015. (I’m loving its music, composed by Armand Amar.)

  • What I’m reading — The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly.
  • If you are into writing, you might find this brief style guide by Patrick Winston useful.
  • Want to know how to avoid your newsletter campaign to be marked as spam? Follow Mailchimp’s guide on how to avoid spam.
  • On August 26, I open-sourced the first version of Voxel2GCode, a project to transform geometric objects and voxel-based models into 3D-printable G-code instructions. Check out some of the artifacts on my Instagram.
  • “Design has as much to do with art as a lobster has to do with a carrot cake.” 10 Things You Need to Learn in Design School if You’re Tired of Wasting Your Money by Mike Monteiro. Read it on Medium.
  • A quote I’m pondering:

Someday is not a day of the week. —Unknown

Link Pack