Garbage On The Cloud
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Every new cloud service we embrace and implement in our lives becomes a new place to store garbage.

The work of keeping things tidy in the digital world is as difficult —and sometimes even more— as physical clutter.

The only solution: keep it simple. Close accounts from services you don’t use anymore and store your stuff in the ones you use the most.

I firmly believe that organizing the digital realm should be taught in school. Many of us believed in the organized disorganization as a valid method, but it is not. I realized how good some habits are after reading Getting Things Done by David Allen.

There is proof of the benefits of being organized that also apply to cloud services and electronic devices.

Backup management, folder organization and cloud storage are aspects which require discipline and a structured use in order to keep everything tidy on-the-go.

Adopt systems of your own or systems which have been created and tested by others, but don’t be naive and think that bad management won’t affect your productivity.

September 5, 2014

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