Getting Ready to Sell Your Art

JULY 13, 2017

Getting Ready to Sell Your Art

It's easy to overthink what people will say about what you are about to share online (especially when you are the creator of the content).

Often, the artist judges (and undermines) her work even before others get to see it, by imagining all of the bad things that people will think about it. But this can only lead her to doubt about her art and, probably, to adjust the way she creates, according to the preference of her current audience. Instead, she should continue to enjoy her art and stop paying attention to immediate feedback.

Going down this rabbit hole, it can be hard to imagine that, on top of liking what you do, people will be willing to pay for it. My mom constantly asks the same question: "Who is going to buy this?" Unless art is her only source of income, charging money for it isn't an easy step to take. But I can see that people value the quality and personality of her craft (which keeps building up over time). In this context, money might end up just being a simple way for her audience to show appreciation of her artwork—and not so much a necessity.

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