Link Pack

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017

Link Pack1 is a set of recommendations that you, as I did, might enjoy or find interesting. This week, it features links on design, code, and simplicity, and a video by Automatica with music played by robots and Nigel Stanford2.

For designers who code: Airbnb's Lottie lets you export After Effects animations to native iOS and Android animations. If you're into CSS, you might like Scooter (an SCSS framework built to provide base styles, CSS components, and rapid static prototyping for Dropbox). And if you're into Swift, check out this open-source UI Libraries.

On simplicity, you can read a publication by Ben Taylor (Dropbox) on practicing mindfulness at work and my latest piece on Getting Simple: Freeze Your Goals. And listen to The Slow Home Podcast (by Brooke and Ben McAlary).

Have a great weekend!

  1. You can browse previous link packs here

  2. Automatica is a project of Nigel Stanford sponsored by KUKA and Sennheiser (via Prosthetic Knowledge). You can buy the album or the 4k video here

Link Pack