Make The Right Product. Spread Your Idea.

JULY 2, 2013

Make The Right Product. Spread Your Idea.

As Chris Guillebeau states on The two problems of aspiring entrepreneurs, one or both of the following issues are usually related with the difficulties young businesses find to succeed:

They don't make the right product or services.
They don't connect with the right people.

Make the right product.

Chris Guillebeau points out that apart from being good, an idea needs to respond to people's needs. 'Solve a problem. Make people happier. Remove something negative that exists in their lives.'

The most important part is not if your idea is good or bad. What is important is how people respond to it. If people like it.

Connect with the right people.

For a product to succeed, you need to connect to the right audience —people who will like and use your product.

##Is it then about making the right product or about spreading your idea?

Well, it depends.

While big companies can make almost any product viable with a marketing campaign and have the ability to survive big product failures, aspiring entrepreneurs aren't usually able to take big risks when they start.

Seth Godin said talking about the sliced bread market:

For the first 15 years after sliced bread was available no one bought it. No one knew about it. It was a complete failure.

Nobody wanted sliced bread until somebody [Wonder] found how to spread the idea.

A really good product wasn't successful until its idea reached its audience.

Nowadays, different mediums make it easy to spread an idea regardless of what the idea is. The importance of a product is not in what it is like. The important part is if you are able to get your idea to spread or not.

Ideas that spread, win. — Seth Godin

When an idea is good on itself and people like it, it is likely to be spread on its own, by people themselves. This is why a lot of new products from small businesses find their way in between big companies like Google or Apple. Ideas that reach people can go viral without huge marketing campaigns, spread by the users and the media.

In the future, advertising is like sex. Only losers pay for it. — Chris Guillebeau

This does not mean that a good product has no need to be sold. Every idea -even the best one- needs to be spread to success.

The important part is. Make your idea easy to be spread. Make it strong. Make it clear. It will reach your audience, and if they like it, they will be the ones spreading it.

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