AUGUST 16, 2013


POLY is a series of hexagonal bowls from the hand of the designer Martin Žampach in different materials; rusted steel, anodized aluminium and veneer+cork sandwich.

As Martin Žampach says the POLY concept is to form illusional 2D/3D ornaments at the same time that they function as bowls.

Veneer + Cork

This series are developed using a specially developed sandwich material for lightweight structures, out of veneer and cork layers –which allow for extreme shaping of segments. This series features three different finishes; ash, maple and alder veneers –as shown in the cover picture of the post.

Rusted Steel

POLY Rusted Steel

An attractive texture is achieved in this series by corroding the steel plates and treating its surface with clear coating to fix the rust. Magnets act as segments' connectors, establishing the simplest joint possible.

Anodized Aluminium

POLY Anodized Aluminium

The surface is treated by anodizing, an electrolytic process where the aluminium plate receives this color and surface finish. After the process, the hardness of the aluminium increases make the product more durable.

The Packaging

Packaging in Cardboard by Martin Zampach

Apart from the beautiful product design, the packing designed by Matej Činčera is worth a look. A cardboard box wrapped with a black band and different tags with the name of the author, as a certificate of authenticity and author signature.

Packaging of Martin Zampach

If you liked the design, you can see more about this design and packaging or tweet about it.

Via | Martin Žampach