APRIL 11, 2022

I'm looking for paper to make giclee prints with my Canon image PROGRAF PRO-300. The ones that have worked best for me so far have been the Fluid 100 series Hot Press Finish (8x8 in, 300 g/m2) by Global Art, Materials, Inc. These get the ink in a super-accurate way with excellent contrast. I recently tried the Arches watercolor hot pressed (20×20 cm, 300 g/m2), which grabs the ink with higher precision but sucks the ink so that all colors fade and blacks aren't as dark.

MARCH 20, 2018

It's Not Machine Learning, It's an Artist Sketching by Hand

Hey there! Until April 30, 2018, you can Participate to get a free portrait of a photo of your choosing. Just sign up with your e-mail and—optionally—upload the picture you would like to get a portrait of (or you can also do this later if you happen to be the winner). Enter at

This looping series of photo2portrait pairs reminds me of the training sets you would need to feed certain machine learning algorithms (such as pix2pix) for them to learn how to generate an output image from an input image. If we were to train a neural network with photo2portrait pairs, the algorithm would try to learn how to generate a pencil portrait from a picture. (A training set for this purpose would, probably, need hundreds of photo2portrait pairs though.)

Suggestive Drawing, flowers with pix2pix.

I generated multiple training sets for pix2pix for Suggestive Drawing, my thesis project at Harvard GSD. Most of the models I trained tried to generate a texture for a hand drawing. Flowers — in special daisies, sunflowers, roses, and tulips — happened to work particularly well.

It's a hand-sketched portrait.

Even though machine intelligence is enabling new modes of generating artwork, but the portraits you see here are (still) sketched on pencil by an artist—my mom—on paper. (As a curiosity, here is a looping gif of some of her many portraits of myself.)

Nono Martínez Alonso ( portrait by Lourdes Alonso Carrión (

We are currently accepting registrations for a raffle; You can win a free portrait! Just Enter the competition and you'll be able to select a photo later (of yourself, a relative, a friend, or even your pet). You can See all of her portraits on my mom's website.

Thanks so much and good luck!

SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

The People Project

In a quest to keep learning and improving my design skills, I force myself to regularly practice designing graphics, sketches, art, typography, lettering, and other design-related stuff.

A side-project that arose from this deliberate design approach is The People Project—which has the sole objective of depicting people in their everyday life in extremely simple ways.

What you can see next is a small compilation of designs of the series produced between 2008 and 2015. I am preparing screen prints of this series and have an email list for those of you who want to keep track of the project. If that’s the case, join here.

Structures, 2009.


1402 — 2014.

141108 — Patterns, 2014.

People Pattern

150420 — London Napkin, 2015.

People in a napkin

150408 — Her, 2015.

People Her People Her Many

140408 — Don’t Worry, It's Just Some Random People, 2015.

Don’t Worry, It's Just Some Random People

150403 — Them, 2015.

People Girls People Multicultural People Multiple

JULY 27, 2015

Needlepoint Art

These Needlepoint on Canvas series by Hagar Cygler—titled Families—definitely made me look when I saw them.

Family by Hagar Cygler Family by Hagar Cygler Family by Hagar Cygler Family by Hagar Cygler Family by Hagar Cygler

If you like it, check out her portfolio.


FEBRUARY 7, 2015

Marmorhaus by Wolfgang Laib

Made out of marble, the piece weights 1.500kg. More things by Wolfgang Laib here.

JANUARY 16, 2014

What is art by Ries Straver brings pretty different answers that try to define art.

Art is everything.

For myself, art is everything that we find difficult to do or simple don't have the knowledge to do. In society, things previously considered art by the masses stop being considered art after their production becomes democratized, widely-known and affordable.

JANUARY 8, 2014

Wassily Kandinsky On Artists

The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul.
—Wassily Kandinsky


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