JULY 14, 2022

Three days ago, I shared an experiment suggested by Adam Watters on Discord in which I asked DALL-E 2 to generate variations of 3D textures. I sent the results to Adam, who applied the texture to the 3D character.

JULY 11, 2022

Here's a video in which I test if OpenAI's DALL-E can generate usable texture maps from an uploaded image.

This texture comes with one of Apple's project examples and the idea of generating textures with DALL-E came from Adam Watters on Discord.

JULY 4, 2022

OpenAI's DALL-E 2 creates variations of my hand sketches.

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JULY 3, 2022

I continue to play with DALL-E 2 from time to time. I've posted a few videos and live streams on the topic and plan to share more clips with tiny bits from my experiments and some of my favorite results so far. Tomorrow, a video sharing how DALL-E can copy my hand drawings will come out on YouTube.

JUNE 25, 2022

Here are my impressions of OpenAI's latest iteration of DALL·E, an AI system that generates images from text. I've generated images in different styles and variations of my drawings, experimented with public pages, mask edits, uploads, and more.

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