DALL·E is now available as an API

NOVEMBER 5, 2022

You can now integrate state-of-the-art image generation capabilities directly into your apps and products through our new DALL·E API. You can get started here.

You own the generations you create with DALL·E.

We’ve simplified our Terms of Use and you now have full ownership rights to the images you create with DALL·E — in addition to the usage rights you’ve already had to use and monetize your creations however you’d like. This update is possible due to improvements to our safety systems which minimize the ability to generate content that violates our content policy.

Sort and showcase with collections.

You can now organize your DALL·E creations in multiple collections. Share them publicly or keep them private. Check out our sea otter collection!

We’re constantly amazed by the innovative ways you use DALL·E and love seeing your creations out in the world. Artists who would like their work to be shared on our Instagram can request to be featured using Instagram’s collab tool. DM us there to show off how you’re using the API!

—The OpenAI Team

Three methods for interacting with images

DALL-E’s Images API provides three methods for interacting with images.

  1. Creating images from scratch based on a text prompt
  2. Creating edits of an existing image based on a new text prompt
  3. Creating variations of an existing image

The guide covers the basics of using these three API endpoints with useful code samples.

To see them in action, check the DALL·E preview app.