FEBRUARY 26, 2024

How to run Google Gemma 2B- and 7B-parameter instruct models locally on the CPU and the GPU on Apple Silicon Macs.

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FEBRUARY 22, 2024

Performance Max campaigns serve across all of Google’s ad inventory, unlocking more opportunities for you to connect with customers.


[Google announced] several new features to help you scale and build high-quality assets — including bringing Gemini models into Performance Max.


Better Ad Strength and more ways to help you create engaging assets.

[A]dvertisers that use asset generation when creating a Performance Max campaign are 63% more likely to publish a campaign with Good or Excellent Ad Strength.


A Super Easy Way to Create Word Tree Charts with Google Charts

React Google Charts is "A thin, typed, React wrapper over Google Charts Visualization and Charts API." View the source on GitHub.

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