Those Who May Listen

DECEMBER 10, 2014

Those Who May Listen

If what you do is not on the mainstream movement of its discipline or category, your public is a minority—one that may be interested in the same things you are. That minority is formed by the ones who may listen to what you have to say—but reaching their attention is no easy job.

I do not expect everyone to read what I post, nor do I expect everyone to be interested on the same things I do. I hope that those who are [interested] will come back to read more of what they liked, and will be the ones sharing what I write with their friends.

Focus the work you do on what you like doing, and make it understandable for everyone. The ones who want to listen will slowly discover your work and, hopefully, will come back to see what’s new.

Frequently, what you need is not changing what you do to find new public but reaching the people who like what you already do.

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