Working Towards Talks, By-products And Passive Income

AUGUST 1, 2014

This article was written for us. To organize the work of the projects I am currently involved in. To make them more effective. The following are definitions of three strategies we are going to test in the incoming months.

  • Talk-focused content.
  • By-product content generation.
  • Passive income framework.

Talk-focused Content

Stories help up spreading ideas. Explaining concepts is a lineal process suitable to be compressed in a talk.

A talk empowers the speaker to be concise, to highlight the important, and to clear up the ideas to be transmitted.

Concepts, projects, ideas. They all can be formalized as small talks, bits of organized and synthesized content to be spread easily, giving a speech or sharing a couple of slides.

By-product Content Generation

Everything has a by-product. — Jason Fried

In the digital era, a vast amount of content is produced daily, often with a defined purpose.

Spending a bit of time looking for extra possible uses —even before creating— can multiply the effectivity of creating something, and increase your productivity.

A by-product is the result of using a product for a purpose different than the one it was originally created for.

This leads to the next point: passive income.

Passive Income Framework

Passive income is the opposite of active income. It involves obtaining money without having to constantly interact with the content, as you already created it and it is in a place where people can pay for it.

Passive income can be generated in different ways. Writing a book, creating an app, designing icons, taking pictures, or creating templates, are some examples.

Contrary to directly selling your products to customers, distribution is usually done by someone else, who gets a share of your product. For instance, the App Store and the iBook Store retain thirty percent of the income generated with your apps and books, and frees you from setting up your own server to distribute and sell content.

On the lines of working towards by-products, a passive income framework is a powerful tool. Your content, created for some other purpose, can be available for sell online.

A passive income framework consists in organizing —before production— where and how will your by-products generate income.

There are different mediums in which content can be distributed online to generate passive income, as I will show in an incoming article.

Thanks for making it so far. Hopefully you find ways to apply these strategies to the work you are already doing. If you do so, I would like to hear about it.