Scheduling videos to be released on YouTube over the summer

JULY 15, 2022

As we approach the summer, I'm producing and editing new content that will be released at the end of July and August. By setting scheduled YouTube videos as Premiere, they show up on my channel in advance and you can opt-in to be notified when the content airs.

At the moment, I've programmed four videos, including Stream Deck XL & Stream Deck for macOS, Intro to WebSockets in TypeScript & Node, WebSocket Server in TypeScript, and WebSocket Client in TypeScript.

These videos, which are clips from my live stream, ship with markers, subtitles, and full transcripts1, and will be added to my blog in this format.

  1. Note that these transcripts may contain typos, as most of them are autogenerated in Descript with minor local edits. I don't spend as much time editing these transcripts as I do with podcast episodes